Giant Grouper

Great Barrier Reef Giant Grouper has a pure flavour and good structural integrity, it is superb eaten as sashimi. Perfect for steaming, the flesh is white and flakes beautifully and the skin is wonderfully elastic, a layer of fat under the skin makes it ideal for crisp skin cooking.

Chef Giles Hohnen
Sumibiaki Style

Sumi Kitchen Chef and owner Giles Hohnen in collaboration with Great Barrier Reef Giant Grouper, has produced a range of beautiful Giant Grouper dishes in traditional Japanese Sumibiaki style. The food is grilled over a charcoal fire, and true to authentic Japanese traditional style, Chef Giles admires the groupers mild and minerally flavour, which takes on flavours, so is well suited to steaming and the subtle flavours of Japanese cuisine, and many other styles of cooking.

Sashimi grouper, placed over steamed rice ochazuke

Charcoal grilled salt marinated and chargrilled

Whole steamed grouper w rice wine /leeks, ginger and smoking hot peanut oil


Kombu salt cured and sliced grouper with a citrus jelly

Whole deep fried grouper with lime and seven spice pepper


Giles Hohnen

Chef/Owner, Sumi Open Kitchen